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Two Way Delay Relays

To Way Delay Relays Detonators are especially designed to provide accurate delay timing between the individual rows of blast holes using detonating cord as primary initiation system. They can be used for developing various delay patterns as deemed fit.

Delay Relay consists of a 50cm shock tube, two detonators and two color coded plastic blocks, the detonators are attached to each end of the shock tube and are inserted into plastic connector blocks. The connector blocks are specially designed for fast and easy detonating cord connections. There are 4 different delays available from 25ms to 100ms. (consecutive jump of 25 ms).

  • 800 mg PETN base charge ensures reliable initiation of 10g detonating cord
  • Connector blocks are color coded according to the delay time of the detonators.
  • Delay tag is attached that shows/lists delay time.
  • Easy & Safe Bidirectional use

Two Way Delay Relays

Technical Specifications

Plain Detonator No. 8
Length of Leg wire 4.5, 7, 15, 20, 25 and 30 Meter
Wire Resistance 0.05 ~ 0.055 ohms / mtr (Single tin wire PVC coated)
Maximum No Fire energy 7 milli-watts/ ohm
Maximum Operating Energy 15 milli-watts/ ohm
Water Resistance Excellent at 100+ psi hydrostatic pressure
Packing 50 Pcs in a card board box and 500 Pcs in a corrugated carton
Heat Test Stable at temperature of +70 0C
Environmental Conditions Stable at temperature range of -50 0C to + 70 0C
Explosive Classification Class 6, Division 3, UN No 0456 Group 1.4S