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Seismic Explosive

Tovex® Seismic is a water gel explosive especially designed for Seismic Exploration. It is a cap sensitive product and need to be initiated with seismic detonator (by virtue of application). Taking into consideration the In direct comparison to seismographic 60% high-velocity dynamite, below are the advantages it has; In direct comparison to seismograph 60% high-velocity dynamite;

  • Tovex® Seismic Explosive is proven to be consistently high performing with far less risk in handling as compared to any of the class called dynamite.
  • Much safer in use, been totally non-toxic fume generator.
  • No headache while working with Biafo seismic product which on the contrary is inbuilt problem of dynamite by virtue of its ingredients.
  • Shot hole results reveal its performance better than dynamite for Seismic prospecting.
  • Seismic Explosive chub being hermetically produced is particularly well suited for application as a longer time sleep charge.
  • Excellent resistance to water and thus don't desensitize under high hydrostatic pressures in the bore holes.
  • The chubs are exceptionally of high quality material and can be screwed together to form a string as per desired length by virtue of application.

Seismic Explosive

Technical Specifications

Plain Detonator No. 8
Length of Leg wire 4.5, 7, 15, 20, 25 and 30 Meter
Wire Resistance 0.05 ~ 0.055 ohms / mtr (Single tin wire PVC coated)
Maximum No Fire energy 7 milli-watts/ ohm
Maximum Operating Energy 15 milli-watts/ ohm
Water Resistance Excellent (in packing)
Packing 50 Pcs in a card board box and 500 Pcs in a corrugated carton
  • 4.5 & 7 meter: 25 pieces in a card board box and 10 card board boxes in a corrugated carton
  • 20, 25 & 30 meter: 10 spools/pieces in a card board box and 10 card board boxes in a corrugated carton
Heat Test Stable at temperature of +70 0C
Environmental Conditions Stable at temperature range of -50 0C to +60 0C
Explosive Classification Class 6, Division 3, UN No 0456 Group 1.4S