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Delay Electric Detonator

High precision electric detonators are used in vide variety of applications. These are available in various standard wire lengths and in two different delay series (Milli Second and Half Second). The detonators can be deployed easily and have several features that is simply blast connections, field checks and initiation. Biafo’s electrical detonators features equal timing accuracy for improved fragmentation and vibration.

  • Milli Second detonators have standard delay numbers ranging from period # 1 to 20 (25ms to 500ms) with nominal time intervals of 25ms between successive delay numbers.

  • Half Second detonators have standard delay numbers ranging from period # 1 to 10 (500ms to 5000ms) with nominal time intervals of 500ms between successive delay numbers.

The non-electric delay detonators, whose lengths and delay times vary are well suited for use in surface and underground blasting. These are factory-assembled units with the following main components:
  • Shock tube to transmit a signal to the delay Blasting Cap. The shock tube is a 3mm diameter plastic laminated tube, coated inside with a thin layer of High Explosive/Aluminum dust, which reliably transmits a low energy signal/ pressure wave up-to 2000 m/s from one point to another to initiate the detonator. The core of the tube works on the principle of Deflagration. By virtue of the nature & unique application of shock tube, the low energy signal will propagate through most sharp bends, knots and kinks that may occur in the shock tube (some time in field via application). The outer surface of the tube remains intact during and after functioning. The distinguishable tough outer jacket gives excellent abrasive, oil resistant and tensile properties.
  • A precise in-hole detonator containing integral delay elements, anti-static protection and other patented safety devices. This detonator initiates all compatible cast boosters and cap sensitive explosives.

Delay Electric Detonator

Technical Specifications

Plain Detonator No. 8
Length of Leg wire 3.5, 5 Meter
Wire Resistance 0.05 ~ 0.055 ohms/ mtr (Single tin wire PVC coated)
Maximum No Fire energy 7 milli-watts/ ohm
Maximum Operating Energy 15 milli-watts/ ohm
Water Resistance Excellent at 100+ psi hydrostatic pressure
Packing 50 Pcs in a card board box and 500 Pcs in a corrugated carton
Heat Test Stable at temperature of +70 0C
Environmental Conditions Stable at temperature range of -50 0C to + 70
Explosive Classification Class 6, Division 3, UN No 0456 Group 1.4S