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Pre spliter

Tovex® Pre Splitter is a cap sensitive Non-Aluminized, smaller diameter explosive which after intrinsic work has especially been designed for smooth & very well controlled facing (wall formation) applications. Its unique feature is its control over work for optimum desired results. Pre Splitter is readily available in diameter range of 25 to 32mm. It can uniquely be produced in the continuous length of 500 to 5000mm (in coil form).

Pre spliter

Technical Specifications

Density 0.9~1.00 g/cc
Energy 4.6 MJ/kg
Gas Volume 1000 Liter/kg
Velocity of Detonation At-least 3300 m/sec
Fume Class Class 1 Acceptable for underground use
Explosive Classification Class 3, Division 1, UN No 0241 Group 1.1D
Water Resistance Excellent (in packing)
Shelf Life
One year from the date of manufacture while properly stored at ambient temperatures.
Net weight per box
25 kg.