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Plain Detonator

A Plain detonator or blasting cap is a small sensitive primary explosive device generally used to detonate a larger, more powerful and less sensitive secondary explosive (Commercial or Military). Plain Detonator is used for general engineering & construction purposes. It can reliably initiate all cap sensitive explosives & detonating cord. This type of detonator is used with safety fuse & also with shock tube under relatively dry conditions, preferably where a single or multiple charges are to be fired. Plain detonator is made of Aluminum sheet, lead azide, lead styphanate (1o) and PETN (2o). Detonator can be employed to initiate Tovex Water Gel, Dynamite, Emulite, Detonating cord and other cap sensitive explosives.

Plain Detonator

Technical Specifications

Tube length 46mm
Designated Initiating Power No. 8
Tube Material Aluminum Alloy
Composition PETN, AS-Compo
Packing 100 in cardboard box 1000 pcs in corrugated box.
Maximum Energy 1272 Calories
Abel Heat Test Stable at temperature of +70 0C
Environmental Conditions
Stable at temperature range of -50 0C to + 70 0C
Explosive Classification Class 6, Division 3 UN No. 0455 1.4S