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Seismic Electric Detonator

Biafo Seismic Electric Detonator is a special fast functioning high strength & result oriented instantaneous Blasting Cap that detonates in less than one millisecond after required current flows through its bridge wire. It has been designed especially to meet the rigid requirements and severe environmental conditions associated with geophysical exploration. It is intended primarily for single shot firing but can also be used effectively in pattern firing applications.

The most important part of Biafo Seismic Electric Detonator is its fuse head. It consists of a strong non conducting material which is electroplated with a fine layer of copper on both surfaces. It is cut into small strips and bridge wire is soldered to the conducting surfaces for a strong, reliable connection.

Leg wires of the Seismic Detonator are drawn from pure copper and tinned for further protection before coating with plastic insulation. The leg wires are insulated with a sheath of antistatic plastic. This is not only very robust and absolutely watertight but also non inflammable. The wire insulation is resistant to abrasion both under dry and wet conditions.

Seismic Electric Detonator

Technical Specifications

Plain Detonator No. 8
Length of Leg wire 4.5, 7, 15, 20, 25 and 30 Meter
Wire Resistance 0.05 ~ 0.055 ohms / mtr (Single tin wire PVC coated)
Maximum No Fire energy 7 milli-watts/ ohm
Maximum Operating Energy 15 milli-watts/ ohm
Water Resistance Excellent at 100+ psi
Packing 50 Pcs in a card board box and 500 Pcs in a corrugated carton
  • 4.5 & 7 meter: 25 pieces in a card board box and 10 card board boxes in a corrugated carton
  • 20, 25 & 30 meter: 10 spools/pieces in a card board box and 10 card board boxes in a corrugated carton
Heat Test Stable at temperature of +70 0C
Environmental Conditions Stable at temperature range of -50 0C to + 70 0C
Explosive Classification Class 6, Division 3, UN No 0456 Group 1.4S