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Tovex ® Water Gel Explosive

With the announcement that DuPont planned to withdraw from the dynamite business in favor of Tovex ® Water Gels by the end of 1976, a new chapter in explosives history was begun. Tovex® is the most important breakthrough in explosives since Du Pont started manufacturing black powder over 170 years ago. The Du Pont plant, technology and goodwill were purchased by Explosives Technology International (ETI) in 1988. Biafo is a licensee of ETI in Pakistan and use the original DuPont formulation and technology including identical raw material and quality control procedures. Basically, Tovex ® offers consumers a small diameter product that is very effective and equivalent to dynamite in performance and one that is safer than conventional dynamite for transporting, storage and handling. Tovex ® a complete replacement for dynamite, is being accepted by blasting experts throughout the country and the world because Tovex ® performs equal to or better than dynamite, and it’s much safer. In addition:

  • Tovex ® provides a wide range in borehole densities.
  • Tovex ® offers improved flexibility in loading.
  • Tovex ® reduces propagation between holes.
  • Tovex ® has reliable water resistance.
  • Tovex ® cuts smoke and noxious fumes.
  • Tovex ® eliminates nitroglycerin headaches.

Tovex ® is packaged in a number of formulations and in a wide range of convenient sizes down to one-inch. Biafo offers a complete explosive system for above and below ground application. These small-diameter cartridge water gels combine with conventional electric or non-electric initiators to comprise an explosives system with maximum performance and safety.

Biafo has wide range of Tovex ® Water Gel Explosives including Blaster, Super Blaster, Breaker, Super Breaker, Seismic Explosive, Pre Splitter and Coal Miner.

Powder Explosive

Powder Explosives or low density explosives are unique in nature because of their explosive properties as well as their Booster/ Primer requirement. Ammonium nitrate is an essential ingredient in nearly all commercial explosives and its predominant use is in the form of Ammonium nitrate - Prill, a small porous pellet is absorbed with fuel oil. This mixture is commonly referred as ANFO. ANFO is packed in a water resistant package for use in wet boreholes.

Biafo offers complete low density Blasting Agents like ANFO and Bi Bulk.

Blasting Accessories

Blasting accessories are the key to success for explosive initiation and its performance. Parallel to the evolution of explosives, different blasting accessories include various initiating devices that supplements modern electric and non-electric initiation systems are been produced at Biafo Industries limited.

Biafo is offering these state of art accessories according to customer’s requirement and proud to declare these as “Symbol of Quality”. Our success story to produce all accessories listed below is beyond number counts. We are producing both instantaneous and delay system accessories has many feature like;

  • Energetic initiation of the modern explosives, which is much more insensitive than classical dynamites.
  • Delay detonator series have excellent control over initiation times to improve desired results like fragmentation.
  • Punctual Priming (either at the top or base of the blast hole) and / or Axial Priming.
  • Accurate performance, reliability & flexibility in breakage operations, while ensuring and maintaining a higher degree of Safety for personnel & installations.

Biafo is manufacturing the complete range of Plain Detonators, Electric Detonator Instantaneous, Seismic Electric Detonators, Delay Electric Detonator, Non-Electric Delay Detonator – Binel, Two Way Delay Relays, Biafo Cord and Safety Fuse.


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